Custom Polycast's Velo Stak is a revolutionary, new way of thinking in the design and manufacture of velocity stacks. Building on decades of proven technology, Velo Stak propels the concept into the future of power optimization. By utilizing high temperature, high yield mouldable material, combined with a variable length inlet stack and a radical new surface treatment, Velo Stak represents the next generation in air induction technology for performance motorsports applications. Velo Stak has revolutionized the technology of engine air intake, resulting in improved throttle response. The option of variable stack length (to both maximize engine torque and fit almost any engine compartment configuration), dimpled air entry for enhance air  boundary layer characteristics, your choice of straight or 30-degree offset mounts, and an optional bespoke air filter system for added engine protection represent state-of-the-art developments not seen in velocity stacks before Velo Stak. Standard Velo Stak units are produced in a resin formulation that is heat, oil, fuel, and impact-resistant, and is supplied with appropriate black carburetor mounts.  All mounting hardware is included, and the units are currently available to fit Weber (Del Orto, Solex, Mikuni) 40, 45 and 48 carbs. We also have Velo Staks for 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” SU carbs and a Velo Stak for Formula V spec Solex carbs. Currently in development are several new Velo Stak models, including (but not limited to) Stromberg, Edelbrock, Holley,  Zenith and Amal. We recently completed a set of custom stacks for a 1968 Porsche L, former Trans Am race car. Velo Stak models have undergone extensive computer modelling and track testing to ensure both proof-of-concept and practical performance applications under actual racing conditions. As everyone involved in racing knows, the degree of protection that you choose for your engine air intake comes at a cost. An air filter that is very efficient at trapping every speck of dust will cause a significant decrease in air intake, resulting in a loss of horsepower. Velo Stak offers a virtually unrestricted flow of air in to the engine with the use of a debris screen and no air filter. A bespoke Velo Stak air filter is in development. Velo Stak is a new and exciting development in engine air induction technology for both race cars and sports cars. Velo Stak offers the most effective performance upgrade at affordable prices.