Solex P40-ll Velo Staks


All prices are in US funds.

Custom designed Velo Staks for Solex P40 carburettors as fitted to Porsche 4 cylinder engines used in the 356, 912, 914, etc. The inlet diameter is 45mm. The set consists of two double port mounting plates (one per carb) and 4 Velo Staks in your choice of colour (red, blue, yellow, orange, green violet, light grey, dark grey, brown and black). The stack lengths are trimmable to fit into tight spaces and come with a cutting guide and instructions. Stainless steel cap screws are included to attach the mounting plates to the carbs and CAA adhesive is included for fixing the stacks to the mounting plates. Cushioned gaskets are not included but are available from Partsklassik SKU: 616.108.291.00.

P40 Velo Staks have not been available for many years and our P40 Velo Staks are a modern improvement on past offerings. Velo Staks are moulded from high impact polyurethane and designed to provide many years of service. Solex P40 Velo Staks can be installed quickly and easily with just an allen key.