Holley 4-Barrel Performance/Race Velo Stak


All prices are in US funds.

Custom designed Velo Stak for Holley 5 inch, 4 barrel carburettors (without choke mechanism). Designed to maximize performance, this Velo Stak features our signature dimpled intake surface and smoothly transitioned outer lip for calm, optimum air flow. This revolutionary development represents an easy and affordable way to increase your car’s performance.

The Holley Race Velo Stak comes with both a foam filter element– for maximum engine protection– and a debris screen element for increased air intake. As you know, power needs air and as the flow of air is restricted, less power is produced. The filter will help to protect your engine from grit but will restrict air intake to a small degree. The debris filter will keep larger bits (tire marbles, pebbles, large bugs) out of your engine and will flow more air than will the filter. For maximum power potential, you can eliminate both the foam and the debris screen for unrestricted air flow.

The Holley 5 inch Race Velo Stak extends just 5” above the top surface of the carburettor body. The diameter at the top is 8”.

Velo Staks are moulded from high impact polyurethane and designed to provide many years of service.  No tools are required to install the Velo Stak.