Formula Ford Velo Stak Air Filter


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To fit Formula Ford Velo Staks

Filter dimensions are as follows:

– Height of filter above top mounting plate of carburettor- 114mm/4.5”

– Length- 203mm/8”

– Width- 152mm/6”

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The Formula Ford Velo Stak Air Filter is designed specifically to fit the Formula Ford Velo Staks. The clean and efficient design is both unobtrusive and elegant. Utilizing a 30PPI urethane foam filtering material, the filter protects and breathes to produce an almost unobstructed air flow to the engine. A very light mist of filter oil or liquid paraffin is recommended to enhance the dust filtering qualities of the filter. Periodic washing with dish soap and water is also suggested to keep the filter from becoming fouled.

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Weight .75 lbs